Australia's Green State

South Australia is a world leader in climate change policy and a national leader in the development and support of renewable energy. The state has 48% of Australia.s wind capacity and 25% of the grid-connected solar power. South Australia represents 71% of all geothermal license applications in Australia as at August 2009. Proudly, the state is the leader in storm water reuse and has the highest per capita level of recycled water use in Australia.

The South Australian Government has developed a sustainability objective as part of South Australia's Strategic Plan. The state's Energy Division is contributing to the development of policies that will assist in meeting energy requirements of South Australians, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring a sustainable future for all South Australians.

The nation's first climate change legislation became law on 3 July 2007. The Climate Change and Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Act 2007 makes South Australia the first state in Australia to legislate targets to reduce greenhouse emissions. The legislation sets out the three targets below:

  • To reduce by 31 December 2050 greenhouse gas emissions within the state by at least 60% to an amount that is equal to or less than 40% of 1990 levels as part of a national and international response to climate change
  • To increase the proportion of renewable electricity generated so it comprises at least 20 per cent of electricity generated in the state by 31 December 2014
  • To increase the proportion of renewable electricity consumed so that it comprises at least 20 per cent of electricity consumed in the state by 31 December 2014

The South Australian Government released "Tackling Climate Change: South Australia's Greenhouse Strategy 2007-2020" on 31st May 2007. This provides a comprehensive and detailed strategy, which sets out specific goals and targets for South Australia to address climate change, and the means to reach them. It includes actions which individuals, households, businesses, industries and communities can take, in addition to Government initiatives.

The University of Adelaide is in strong support of the States initiative and has implemented a new Ecoversity policy campus wide. The Ecoversity team is working with staff and students to improve business practices and processes, raise awareness and promote sustainability in the areas of transport, management, compliance, design & construction, water use, biodiversity, waste & recycling, information technology, purchasing and energy.

Ecoversity is the transformation of everything and everyone that will make the University of Adelaide into a more sustainable environment.