In Adelaide

Adelaide offers an extraordinary number of things to do within a short walking distance. Getting around is made even easier by a free tram and a free bus in the downtown area.


Free Transport

Adelaide is located in the state of South Australia where there is an extraordinary range of attractions to see. The conference organizers urge you to take advantage of your visit to Adelaide by visiting the surrounding area. You'll find a rich diversity of natural and man-made sites that you won't find elsewhere.

  • Adelaide Connector Bus
    Service: Hourly
    The Adelaide Connector Bus links shopping precincts, community centres, libraries, hospitals, universities and schools. The Connector bus can be identified by its white or green coloration.
  • Bee Line and 99C Bus
    Service: Every 5 minutes, one direction, for the Bee Line. Every 15 minutes, both directions, for the 99C Bus.
    The Beeline Bus and 99C Bus, which look similar to ordinary Adelaide Metro buses, connects North Terrace and the downtown Adelaide area.
  • Glenelg Tram
    Service: Every 10 minutes during the day, 20 minutes at night
    The Glenelg Tram is free between the South Terrace and Entertainment Centre stops (see the insert on this route map) and runs every 10-20 minutes depending on the time of day.



To and From the Airport

There are many cost-effective ways to travel between the city and airport. Full details can be found on the Adelaide Airport website, and have been summarized here.


  • Taxi
    Taxis are available for hire directly out of the front of Terminal 1 on the ground level. Concierges provide a safe environment and allocate taxis to passengers. There is a AUD$2 levy added to fares for taxis leaving the airport. It generally takes 15-20 minutes to travel from the airport to the city center.
  • Car Rental
    Cost: Varies
    Several car rental agencies are located on the ground level adjacent ot the baggage claim area.
  • Skylink
    Times Route
    The Skylink Shuttle provides transportation between the airport and Adelaide, with stops conveniently available for several conference hotels (Hotel Grand Chancellor on Currie, Oaks Horizon and Oaks Embassy). The Skylink shuttle runs every hour, and requires a reservation for trips from the city to the airport.
  • JetBus
    Times Route
    JetBus services travel to and from the city, Glenelg and the north-eastern suburbs.