Eleven excellent applications were submitted to host the Fourth International Barcode of Life Conference, representing institutions with barcoding activities in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. The Adelaide application was selected after a long and careful review process for a number of reasons:

  • This will be the first international barcode conference in the southern hemisphere;
  • The University of Adelaide has deep experience in running large conferences and outstanding meeting facilities;
  • Adelaide is a small, very inviting city in which conference participants will find a wealth of attractions, including but not limited to nature parks, museums, a botanical garden, nearby vineyards and the National Wine Center;
  • Hotels and meeting venues that are within easy walking distance of each other; and
  • A rapidly growing barcoding enterprise, both locally and nationally.

The conference hosts will have the opportunity to showcase their current involvement in barcoding, how barcoding is being used to solve scientific and societal problems in Australia, and how they see the future of barcoding on a national scale.