Conference Poster and Artist's Statement

I am an Indigenous artist of Eastern Arrernte descent. My Language group is Kuyani Arabunna/Arrernte. I am a multi skilled artist with a number of different mediums. I enjoy using line, texture, tone and shadows in my work. I have exhibited interstate and overseas. My last major solo exhibition was at Tandanya National Culture Institute.

I am also the first person recognized for carving ochre pigment in making sculptures. I taught myself this over a twelve year period in where I developed my own technology for carving ochre. I was also recognized by ABC for making these sculptures back in late 2005. I believe innovation, art and technology connects the traditional to the contemporary forms of art together.

Personally art is about understanding visual language and the visual language you use no matter what the form is. This is where art can have a real personal feel or touch in the experience of art. I believe everyone has a visual language, but artists pay more attention to it, then most others.

For more images of my work please go to my facebook page: Peter Sharrock, Visual Artist